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If you need help with activation, need to know how to do something with Stat/Transfer (that is not in the manual!), or are otherwise having problems with Stat/Transfer, we are waiting to help you. For the fastest and most efficient service, please fill out our online help form.

Technical Support

Before you contact us for support, be sure to check the Stat/Transfer Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, please look in the on-line manual and see if the solution to your problem can be answered by this aid. If you still haven’t found an answer, then we highly recommend that you go to our online help form.

If you have encountered an error or think you have found a bug, we also recommend that you use our automated problem reporting system. This is extremely easy to use and generally provides us with all of the information that is necessary to quickly diagnose problems.

In order to report a problem, please first try and reproduce it with Stat/Transfer using the User Interface.  When you are done, go to the "Log" screen and press the "Send Error Report" button.  That will bring up a dialog box in which you can enter a description of the problem, your email address and your name.

You should then check the option, "Send the generated log file", which will send us information about your computing environment and the errors that Stat/Transfer encountered.  This log is extremely valuable for troubleshooting.  All of your information is, if you wish, encrypted, compressed and then sent to our server.

Finally, we recommend that, if at all possible, you check the option that sends your input data to our support department.  If you do so, we will hold the data in the strictest confidence and destroy the file after diagnosing your problem.  Frequently, looking at the the input data set is the only way to reproduce a problem.

In any event, if you need technical support, you should always contact us using our online help form. We have found that this is the most efficient way to provide timely answers to your questions.





If you are installing Stat/Transfer and are having trouble with the activation process please check our Activation page before contacting us using our help form.

Upgrading Your Copy of Stat/Transfer

Stat/Transfer Version 13 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris has shipped. You can download a demo copy to see the new features. Then order your upgrade online, or by phone, fax or mail.

Downloading Maintenance Releases of Stat/Transfer Versions

If you already own Stat/Transfer, you can download maintenance releases of Versions 12 and 13 for free.

You should check to see which version of Stat/Transfer you have. For Windows and the Mac, after you open the program, select the About tab and look for the version information there. The Unix program will display the version number at startup.

Please see the Maintenance page for details.

Downloading Version 12

If you purchased a copy of Stat/Transfer Version 12 and have lost your file for some reason, you can download a copy of Version 12. See the pages for Windows, Mac or Unix Version 12 downloads