New in Version 13

Stat/Transfer Version 13 has added full support for the following formats:

  • EViews
  • Genstat
  • Stata 14 (with full support of Unicode and the new higher observation limit of Stata/MP)

Stat/Transfer Version 13 has a number of new or improved features:

  • New Options
    • Preserve numeric widths
    • Control over SAS Date and Time formats
    • Blank columns can be optionally transferred from worksheets
    • Value labels can be written to Excel
  • New Control over Variable Order and Characteristics. Stat/Transfer 13 has a new, editable, schema format for ASCII delimited files. If you write a file from any import source into this format, you can then re-order variables, change their names, types, and output widths, assign labels or do anything else you need to get your data in just the format you need. Then, when you transfer from this format into your chosen final output format, your changes will be applied.