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It is easy to purchase Stat/Transfer right from your browser. Just click on the product you would like to buy and it will be put in your shopping cart. You then go to our easy-to-complete, secure order form.

Shipping Options

You will be asked to choose a shipping option as soon as you choose a product. You can opt for Electronic Delivery (the default) and/or shipped media.

Note that you will get the fastest delivery of your software with Electronic Delivery as the shipping option. When your order is processed you will receive an activation code that is used to unlock the demo into a full version of the software.

If you wish to receive shipped media, choose an alternative shipping method. The shipped media consists of a copy of the demo (which is also available from our website) and a quick start guide. We no longer print full manuals (A full pdf copy comes with the demo).

Orders are processed routinely from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.  Orders that are placed outside of those hours may be delayed.

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