You can use either method of ordering to activate a demo version.


Licensing and Prices

Make sure you get a license that suits your needs. Go here to read about our licenses and prices.

Order Online

Go to our secure, online store and place your order now .Order Stat/Transfer and receive your software one of two ways (or both if you like): by downloading a copy or by UPS

Order by Phone, Fax or Mail

Check our prices for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Solaris, then call us, or send us an order by fax or mail.


Downloading Demo Versions

Try Stat/Transfer before you buy, and then order to activate your demo copy.

Download a free demo copy

Not sure? Downloadable demos are complete copies of Stat/Transfer, with a full online documentation, but (there had to be a catch) they will delete approximately one out of every sixteen cases from your output.

When you decide to purchase Stat/Transfer, we can turn your demo copy into a fully functioning copy by simply e-mailing you an activation code as soon as we process your order.

Upgrades for Current Users

Stat/Transfer users who own a subscription or maintance agreement always have the latest release of S/T. Your software will automatically update itself to the latest version.